Innovation clusters

The Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) research programme aims to foster technology transfer. A specific programme component is assigned to this, and it is titled: “Closing the gap: translating science into sustainable business growth”. The establishment of innovation clusters is an activity within this component of the programme.

The purpose of the GCFF innovation clusters is to facilitate technology transfer and interactive learning by actively engaging with industry, government, iwi and other interested parties. It also aims to foster existing and establish new linkages among interested parties. The role of an innovation cluster is advisory and focuses on interactive learning.

An innovation cluster includes volunteers from various interest groups with a background in the specific innovation cluster areas. Typically there is a core of about 10 people. The clusters operate on an open door philosophy and encourage other interested people in joining.

Each cluster will meet about 1-2 times per year and members cover their own meeting and travel costs. Brief summaries of some meetings can be found in the GCFF newsletters.

Currently, four innovation clusters have been established:  the Product Quality Improvement cluster, the Phenotyping Platform cluster, Productivity Enhancement cluster, and Sustainability cluster.

Past Cluster Meetings

Phenotyping/Lidar Innovation Cluster meeting – 6 April 2018, Rotorua
Phenotyping/Lidar Innovation Cluster meeting – 28 March 2017
Phenotyping/Lidar Innovation Cluster meeting – 11 Oct 2016
Phenotyping/Lidar Innovation Cluster meeting – 11 May 2016
Phenotyping/LiDAR innovation cluster – 23 March 2015

Product Quality Improvement Innovation cluster meeting – 8 Nov 2017
Product Quality Improvement Innovation cluster meeting – 29 Nov 2016
Product Quality Improvement Innovation Cluster meeting – 25 November 2015, Rotorua
Product Quality Improvement Cluster meeting – 25 November 2014, Rotorua

Sustainability cluster: ‘Water flows and regulations from planted forest’ – 28 March 2017
Sustainability cluster: Developing best practice for steepland forestry, workshop and field day – 11-12 November 2015

Productivity Enhancement Cluster meeting – 22 September 2015, Rotorua
Productivity Enhancement Cluster meeting – 6 November 2014, Rotorua

Innovation cluster contacts

Product Quality Improvement: led by John Moore and Graeme Young, contact:
Phenotyping Platform: led by Mike Watt and Aaron Gunn, contact:
Productivity Enhancement: led by Peter Beets and Andrew Karalus, contact:
Sustainability: led by Tim Payn and Brett Gilmore, contact:

Please contact the lead person above if you wish to participate in any of these clusters.