Technical Notes

GCFF Technical notes

GCFF TN01 Growth responses to boron fertilisation in Pinus radiata. Davis, Xue, Clinton, 2014 [706 Kb PDF]

GCFF TN02 Effects of silviculture and seedlot on radiata pine growth, wood
properties and end-product quality. Moore, Osorio, McKinley, Lee, Dash, 2015 [2.4 Mb PDF]

GCFF TN03 Economics of segregation based on wood properties. Murphy, Cown, Moore, 2015 [730 Kb PDF]

GCFF TN05 Testing new soil enzyme assays for predicting forest fertiliser response – protease may have limited suitability. Davis, Smaill, Coker, 2015 [513 kB PDF]

GCFF TN06 Locating individual trees within a forest genetics trial. Pont, Watt, Morgenroth, Dungey, Brownlie, Stovold, 2015 [623 Kb PDF]

GCFF TN07 Predicting productivity using combinations of LiDAR, satellite imagery and environmental data. Watt, Dash, Watt, Bhandari, 2015 [514 kB PDF]

GCFF TN08 Linking remote sensing techniques and leaf area index. Pearse, 2015 [427 Kb PDF]

GCFF TN09 Refined models of leaf area index from LiDAR. Pearse, Watt, Morgenroth, 2016 [477 kB PDF]

GCFF TN010 Use of productivity indices to spatially predict optimal final stand density, value and the economic feasibility of pruning. Watt, Kimberley, Dash, Harrison, 2016 [453 kB PDF]

GCFF TN11 The potential of in-forest segregation using an acoustic tool on a harvester head. Moore, Carter, Sharplin, Lausberg, 2016 [431 kB PDF]

GCFF TN14 Development of a prototype phenotyping platform for plantation forests. Dash, Dungey, Watt, Clinton, 2017 [241 kB PDF]

GCFF TN15 The Accelerator Trial series – underlying concepts and progress at the first trial site. Smaill, Beets, Garrett, Meason, Osorio, Moore, Clinton, 2017 [532 kB PDF]

GCFF TN16 Examining the potential uses for biuret in New Zealand forestry. Smaill, 2017 [398 kB PDF]

GCFF TN18 Forest industry application of UAVs. Pearse, Watt, 2017 [585 kB PDF]