Technical Notes

GCFF Technical notes

GCFF TN01 Growth responses to boron fertilisation in Pinus radiata. Davis, Xue, Clinton, 2014

GCFF TN02 Effects of silviculture and seedlot on radiata pine growth, wood
properties and end-product quality. Moore, Osorio, McKinley, Lee, Dash, 2015

GCFF TN03 Economics of segregation based on wood properties. Murphy, Cown, Moore, 2015

GCFF TN05 Testing new soil enzyme assays for predicting forest fertiliser response – protease may have limited suitability. Davis, Smaill, Coker, 2015

GCFF TN06 Locating individual trees within a forest genetics trial. Pont, Watt, Morgenroth, Dungey, Brownlie, Stovold, 2015

GCFF TN07 Predicting productivity using combinations of LiDAR, satellite imagery and environmental data. Watt, Dash, Watt, Bhandari, 2015

GCFF TN08 Linking remote sensing techniques and leaf area index. Pearse, 2015

GCFF TN09 Refined models of leaf area index from LiDAR. Pearse, Watt, Morgenroth, 2016

GCFF TN010 Use of productivity indices to spatially predict optimal final stand density, value and the economic feasibility of pruning. Watt, Kimberley, Dash, Harrison, 2016

GCFF TN11 The potential of in-forest segregation using an acoustic tool on a harvester head. Moore, Carter, Sharplin, Lausberg, 2016

GCFF TN12 Track-sprayer screening trials for testing new mid-rotation treatment options – 2015/16. Coker, Gous, Gous, Osorio, Pearce, 2016

GCFF TN14 Development of a prototype phenotyping platform for plantation forests. Dash, Dungey, Watt, Clinton, 2017

GCFF TN15 The Accelerator Trial series – underlying concepts and progress at the first trial site. Smaill, Beets, Garrett, Meason, Osorio, Moore, Clinton, 2017

GCFF TN16 Examining the potential uses for biuret in New Zealand forestry. Smaill, 2017

GCFF TN17 Screening trials comparing foliar treatment responses to Industry genotypes – 2016/17. Coker, Evanson, Gous, Osorio, Pearce, Shailer, 2017

GCFF TN18 Forest industry application of UAVs. Pearse, Watt, 2017

GCFF TN19 Management options to increase radiata stress tolerance – progress to date. Smaill, Addison, 2017

GCFF TN20 Reconstructing parentage in Pinus radiata using exome capture genotyping – proof of concept in FR10/0. Graham, Ismael, Stovold, 2018

GCFF TN21 Overcoming GPS error to locate exceptional individual trees in the forest. Pont, Stovold, Dungey, 2018

GCFF TN22 The Accelerator Trial series – update on progress to June 2019. Smaill, Garrett, Matson, 2019

GCFF TN23 Testing UAV-borne Riegl Mini VUX-1 scanner for phenotyping a mature genetics trial. Dash, Watt, Hartley, 2019

GCFF TN24 DNA fingerprinting to reconstruct parentage from trees in the forest – a second proof of concept. Graham, Ismael, Stovold, 2019

GCFF TN27 The Role of Micronutrients in Controlling Plant Diseases – Knowledge gaps and future research for tree species in particular. Xue, Coker, 2019

GCFF TN28 An assessment of UAV laser scanning and photogrammetric point clouds for the measurement of young forestry trials. Hartley, Melia, Estarija, Watt, Pearse, Massam, Wright, Stovold, 2019