IUFRO Extension & Knowledge Exchange Conference Presentations

The IUFRO Extension & Knowledge Exchange Conference was held on 9-16 September 2018 in Christchurch

Presentations from the conference are available to download below.

Warwich Foran – Keynote – Forestry in New Zealand – Te Uru Rākau’s forward work and One Billion Trees programme

Jim Johnson – The World’s Network of Forest Science

Robert Bardon – Insights from Extension in utilizing a partnership-building approach to address complex issues

Andrea Grant – Reconsidering technology transfer in a context of wicked problems: opening systemic co-inquiry in climate change research

Peter Edwards – Serious games for technology adoption and assessment in communities

Daniel Leavell – An initiative designed to protect lives, property, and the environment through education, outreach, research, and landscape management

Laurel Kays – Wildfire Preparedness in Western North Carolina: A Community-Based Approach

Stephanie Larson – Building a Resilient Community in the Shadow of a Catastrophic Fire

Holly Campbell – Increasing Southeastern US Wildland Fire Resiliency through the Cohesive Strategy Storymap

Jennifer Fawcett – Learn & Burn Field Days: An opportunity for community members to gain experience in prescribed burning

Lisa Hickey – Involving Communities in the Release of Biological Controls for Forestry and Agricultural Pests

Lisa Langer – Wildfire preparedness: working with communities in New Zealand

Eduardo Cartes – Efficient use and management of water and nutrients for forestry nurseries in Chile

Chal Landgren – Shades of success in adopting a new leader control technology for Oregon Christmas trees – Version 1 & 2

Sandra Velarde – Shedding light on the adoption of afforestation in Aotearoa New Zealand: the case of the Erosion Control Funding Programme

John Punches – Best Practices for Field-based Educational Programming

Jason Gordon – Innovations in extension forestry program marketing and evaluation

Lise Caron – Stakeholder engagement favours adoption success and social acceptance in Canadian forestry

William Hubbard – Determining Impacts and Needs of a Regional Extension Forestry Program in the Southern United States: The Results of a Survey of Stakeholders

Jonathan Kays – Bringing The Woods in Your Backyard to New Audiences Via Distance Learning

Tiffany Hopkins – Woodland Stories: developing a podcast to share information through the experiential learning lens of small woodland owner

Shaun Ogilvie – Drones and public perception: enabling codesign to achieve social licence to operate

Mark Megalos – Extending Local “Working” Conservation: Personal Touch Meets Technology

Brady Self – The hardwood plantation management workshop: Offering silvicultural training for hardwood plantation management through local forest landowner participation

Alan Leckie – Impacts of a natural disaster on a growing town’s projected waste planning – biosolids & wastewater system