GCFF conference presentations

Presentations from the Pathways to doubling productivity kick-off conference held 10-12 June 2014, Rotorua can be downloaded here (note some of these files are quite large).

Welcome and Introduction – Warren Parker [628 Kb PDF]

R&D Organisation in the Levy Environment – Russell Dale [236 Kb PDF]

Overview of the research aims of the GCFF programme – Peter Clinton [648 Kb PDF]

Why the government is investing in the biological industries and how they see it empowering the Business Growth Agenda – Prue Williams [505 Kb PDF]

Keynote – Productivity research and current activities/mid-rotation interventions to boost productivity – a review of the US Southeast experience – Eric Jokela [6.5 Mb PDF]

Interventions to add value to the current resource – John Moore [940 Kb PDF]

Keynote – Maximising value capture from the current resource – Glen Murphy [1.9 Mb PDF]

Keynote – Use of remote sensing in research and industry: an international perspective – Mike Watt  [1.9 Mb PDF]

Application of remote sensing by the NZ forest industry – Aaron Gunn [1.9 Mb PDF]

Lasers, Satellites, and Drones: An overview of remote sensing research – Jonathan Dash [1.3 Mb PDF]

Keynote – Phenotyping the forest what is the size of the prize – Heidi Dungey [4.3 Mb PDF]

Phenotyping in the forest for improved health: developing screening protocols – Emily Telfer [4.6 Mb PDF]

What are the key environmental drivers for genotypes in New Zealand and Australia? – Washington Gapare [1.2 Mb PDF]

What is the size of the pie? The productivity gap – Dean Meason [745 Kb PDF]

Keynote – Using process based models to close the gap – Mike Battaglia [1.3 Mb PDF]

How can we quickly close the gap – accelerating forest productivity – Simeon Smaill [1 Mb PDF]

Keynote – Sustainability under intensified regimes – what are the challenges? – Tim Payn [5 Mb PDF]

Inter rotation management on steeplands – Chris Phillips [1.9 Mb PDF]

Getting the most value from your forest – Spatial Economic Modelling – Richard Yao [1.8 Mb PDF]

Keynote – Primary Sector Innovation – James Turner [1.7 Mb PDF]

Technology transfer and uptake – Industry experience and observations – Elaine Birk [1.9 Mb PDF]

An industry perspective on co-learning – Andrew Karalus [99 Mb MP4]