GCFF 2018 Conference LIDAR Workshop Presentations

The LIDAR/Phenotyping workshop was held on 6 April 2018 in Rotorua.

Presentations from the workshop are available to download below.

Use of satellite imagery for forest inventory has precision that is similar to LiDAR – Grant Pearse [1 Mb PDF]
Practical Uses of Satellite Imagery in Forest Management – Mark Forward [3.1 Mb PDF]
Using voxel-based LiDAR metrics for prediction of inventory variables – taking LiDAR to the next level – Grant Pearse [1.7 Mb PDF]
Application of hyperspectral imagery within plantation forestry – Michael Watt [1.6 Mb PDF]
Using LiDAR and RapidEye to provide enhanced area and yield descriptions for New Zealand small-scale plantations – Vega Xu [2 Mb PDF]
Routine Monitoring of Plantation Forests using Earth Observation Data – Chaplin Chan [1.4 Mb PDF]