GCFF 2018 Conference Presentations

The 5th Annual GCFF conference – “Current innovations and opportunities in forest management and productivity” was held on 4-6 April 2018 in Rotorua.

Presentations from the conference are available to download below.

Welcome and Introduction – Peter Clinton, Scion
Forest Growers Levy Trust research update – Russell Dale, FOA
Keynote – Southern pine management in a changing world – key outcomes from the PINEMAP project – Jason Vogel, USA
Keynote – What is the future forest going to look like – pulling all the levers – Peter Clinton [1 Mb PDF]
Right forest for the right purpose in the right place – supporting the new one billion trees initiative – Tim Payn [3.8 Mb PDF]
Benefits of demonstrating the full value of planted forests in policy and investment– Richard Yao [1.6 Mb PDF]
From concept to implementation: the evolution of forest phenotyping – Jonathan Dash
What’s under the canopy – using airborne and terrestrial laser scanning to characterise forest structure – Dave Pont [1.6 Mb PDF]
Keynote – A frame work for assessing the health and resilience of forest soils across New Zealand – Steve A Wakelin [1 Mb PDF]
National spatial analysis of radiata pine water use – Dean Meason [1.2 Mb PDF]
Determining attainable productivity of radiata pine – overview of the forest accelerator trials – Loretta Garrett [3.3 Mb PDF]
Managing nursery soils – impacts on early tree performance in the forest – Simeon Smaill [1.5 Mb PDF]
Keynote – Converting research into action – modifying silvicultural practices in light of new knowledge – John Moore
New advances in modelling wood formation – linking end product performance to tree growth – Damien Sellier [3 Mb PDF]
Beyond GCFF – update on new proposals and future bids – Peter Clinton [611 Kb PDF]