GCFF 2017 Conference Presentations

The 4th Annual GCFF conference – “Productivity challenges and opportunities in Southern forests” was held on 28-30 March 2017, Dunedin.

Presentations from the conference are available to download below.

Our progress towards a system approach to precision forestry – Peter Clinton [578 Kb PDF]

Research Under the Forest Grower Levy – Russell Dale [138 Kb PDF]

Forest Fertilization: opportunities, efficiencies, and ecosystem responses – Brian D. Strahm [5.4 Mb PDF]

Advances in nutrition management of radiata – Graham Coker & Peter Clinton [577 Kb PDF]

Productivity gains from nursery research – Simeon Smaill et al. [762 Kb PDF]

Tools and models for assessing wood quality in Australian radiata pine – Geoff Downes & Dave Drew [2.3 Mb PDF]

Understanding cambium wood forming machine towards gains in commercial forestry – Bernadette Nanayakkara, Alan Dickson, Damien Sellier & Dean Meason [1 Mb PDF]

Phenotyping Individual Trees – David Pont, Mike Watt & Heidi Dungey [1 Mb PDF]

Enhancing Productivity in Southern Forests – City Forests [2 Mb PDF]

Impact of optimising final stand density on value of the New Zealand plantation estate – Michael Watt, Mark Kimberley, Jonathan Dash, Duncan Harrison, Juan Monge & Les Dowling [591 Kb PDF]

Regional differences in maximum carrying capacity of sites – the need for site-specific silviculture – Yue Lin & John Moore [970 Kb PDF]

Growing higher value pruned stands – what can we learn from long-term trials? – John Moore [1 Mb PDF]

Stimulating forest productivity and resilience – Simeon Smaill et al. [832 Kb PDF]

Ecosystem genomics – lessons from other sectors – Steve A Wakelin [2.1 Mb PDF]

The three M’s of erosion and debris flows – mapping, measuring and mitigating – Stefanie Lumnitz, Duncan Harrison, Tim Payn, Chris Phillips, Les Basher & Marie Heaphy [1.5 Mb PDF]

What lies ahead? Planning for future research programmes – Peter Clinton [601 Kb PDF]