GCFF 2016 Conference Presentations

‘The 3nd Annual GCFF conference – “Management of Risk in Forestry” was held on 12-13 May 2016, Novotel Hotel, Auckland Airport

Presentations from the conference are available to download below.

Growing and managing better and more resilient forests with confidence, Peter Clinton [1 Mb PDF]

Research Under the Forest Grower Levy, Russell Dale [420 kB PDF]

Productivity, Risk & the Environment: Trends in the US — and Broader? – over the Last 30 Years, William F Hyde [104 kB PDF]

A European perspective on risk management in forestry: with a particular focus on wind, Barry Gardiner [9.6 Mb PDF]

Increased productivity and good wood quality – are they mutually exclusive? John Moore [1.7 Mb PDF]

A New Acoustic Method to Assess Stiffness of Standing Tree Stems, Mathew Legg & Stuart Bradley [1.9 Mb PDF]

Phenotyping the forest-concepts and progress, Heidi Dungey, Dave Pont, Jonathan Dash, Mike Watt, Toby Stovold & Emily Telfer (3 Mb PDF]

A UAV platform for monitoring disease outbreaks, Jonathan Dash, Marie Heaphy, Toby Stovold, Michael Watt, Brian Clement & Bryan Graham [3.3 Mb PDF]

Sustainable Intensification – how far can we go? Tim Payn [2.8 Mb PDF]

Pull-out strength of Pinus radiata roots and application in models to assess slope stability, Chris Phillips, Massi Schwarz, Mike Marden, Jagath Ekanayake, Duncan Harrison, Les Basher & Marie Heaphy [4.9 Mb PDF]

Pathways to environmental risk reduction in steep‐land forestry, Duncan Harrison, Tim Payn, Chris Phillips, Les Basher & Marie Heaphy [3 Mb PDF]

Sustainable nutrient supply – what does the soil tell us? Loretta Garrett, Simeon Smaill, Peter Beets, Peter Clinton & Mark Kimberley [994 kB PDF]

Pinus radiata site productivity gap & water use – case study of the impact of drivers & genetics, Dean Meason, Barbara Höck, Jody Bruce, Juan Rodrίguez-Gamir, Jianming Xue & Peter Clinton [981 kB PDF]

The Value of our Industry Licence to Operate, Russell Dale [3.7 Mb PDF]

Accounting for the broader benefits of forestry in investment and policy decision making, Richard Yao & Duncan Harrison [967 kB PDF]

Managing forests for the future climate, Simeon Smaill [1 Mb PDF]