GCFF 2015 conference presentations

‘The 2nd Annual GCFF conference – 1st glimpse at results’ was held on 24-25 March 2015, at Hagley Oval Pavilion, Christchurch

Presentations from the conference are available to download below. You can also view the final agenda.

Conference welcome – Peter Clinton [588 Kb PDF]

What’s in it for someone paying the Forest Growers levy? – Russell Dale [480 Kb PDF]

Keynote – Advances in productivity research in the pacific north-west – Doug Maguire [3.3 Mb PDF]

Is there a productivity gap and how big is it for New Zealand planted forests? – John Moore [1.5 Mb PDF]

Prediction of site index and 300 index (a large scale case study) – Mike Watt [1.4 Mb PDF]

Promoting growth: from glasshouse to the nursery and out into the forest – Simeon Smaill [1.3 Mb PDF]

Quantifying wood property variation in radiata pine and the implications for segregation – John Moore [1.4 Mb PDF]

Keynote – International trends in water and forest research – Dan Neary [4 Mb PDF]

Nutrient management: How is the GCFF programme contributing to forestry’s case for sustainable nutrient use in NZ forestry? – Tim Payn [1.5 Mb PDF]

Long term site productivity trials – What happened to the soil resources? – Loretta Garrett [917 Kb PDF]

Revealing the long-term impacts on soil microbial communities – Simeon Smaill [270 Kb PDF]

Attitudes, erosion, environmental damage and mitigation – Duncan Harrison, Chris Phillips [2 Mb PDF]

Keynote – Forestry and catchment management into the future – Simon Stokes [2 Mb PDF]

Validation of a spatial economic model for planted forests – Richard Yao [2.1 Mb PDF]

What is the full value of planted forests in New Zealand? The case of Ōhiwa catchment – Sandra Verlarde [843 Kb PDF]

Forestry and Dairy in the Central North Island – Juan Monge [638 Kb PDF]