Forest Phenotyping Workshop 2019

The Forest Phenotyping Platform:
Presenting the proof of concept and modelling approach. How can industry take it up?

Two identical workshops will be held:

Friday 3rd May 2019, Christchurch (at Scion, 10 Kyle St)
Thursday 9th May 2019, Rotorua (at Scion, 49 Sala St)


The development of the forest phenotyping platform has been one of the core elements of the GCFF programme and now provides the information resource that forest managers, researchers and tree breeders can use to understand how the interaction of genetics, environment and management affect productivity and wood quality.

Purpose of the workshop

This workshop will present the proof of concept of the phenotyping platform, methods and modelling approaches and how the tool can be used.

We seek input on how growers and managers are interested in using the phenotyping platform, particularly to inform precision forestry or to identify outstanding trees in the forest to inform future deployment.



This is a free workshop for industry and other stakeholders.
For any workshop enquiries please email Peter Clinton
For any logistical enquiries please email Annette Brockerhoff