Forest Growing Research Conference – GCFF Presentations

GCFF presentations from the inaugural Forest Growing Research Conference “More income, less risk” held 29 October to 31 October 2014 at Rydges Rotorua are now available to download

Scion’s Contribution to the Forest Grower’s Strategy – Warren Parker [2.9 Mb PDF]

How we are going to improve economic returns – Peter Clinton [1.5 Mb PDF]

Productivity Concepts – John Moore [1 Mb PDF]

Maximising Value from Existing Forests – John Moore [1.3 Mb PDF]

Defining the gap between current and potential productivity – Dean Meason [1.1 Mb PDF]

Remote Sensing for Phenotyping – Dave Pont [3.2 Mb PDF]

Phenotyping the Forest – Heidi Dungey [2.9 Mb PDF]

Treatments to enhance site potential – Simeon Smaill [2 Mb PDF]

Quantifying the full suite of benefits of forestry – Richard Yao [2.2 Mb PDF]